Janet Jackson's Weight Gain


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Sep 13, 2005
As much as everyone including myself may say "who the hell cares", I just want to show everyone the picture. Janet Jackson has seemingly blown up- from her days of nipple popping coverage to this. Weird thing is that Wacko Jacko went down below 100 lbs and needed an IV while Janet has.... found comfort in food? I'm not sure. :weird:


(via gawker)
Now are you sure that's her? Sometimes tabloids find pictures of similiar looking people and claim they are celebrities.

Also, she could be hiding a pregnancy - she hides all her personal life from the public.
I just caught it from many other sites- it was in the tabloids too, but like the name- it is tabloids. So I'm going with if they are right, then I am too...
Wow, she really gained a lot of weight. Yeah, maybe the rumors are true and she really is pregnant...who knows. That Jackson family is really really good at keeping secrets!