Janet Jackson's SEXY new mag cover

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MS. JACKSON: Played out OR Still Smokin'?

  1. Still Smokin Hot....

  2. Oh, please....enough already!

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    Janet Jackson Poses Topless for Vibe
    Aug 7, 3:15 PM EST

    The Associated Press
    Janet Jackson has never been afraid to expose some skin. The 40-year-old singer, newly svelte after losing some 60 pounds, appears on the cover of Vibe magazine wearing a skimpy bikini bottom and a necklace made of large shells. Her right arm covers her breasts.
    Will she ever stop posing for sexy photos? "Of course. When I'm 80," she tells Vibe. "That's when I'll call it quits."
    Two years ago, Justin Timberlake pulled off a part of Jackson's bustier, briefly exposing one of her breasts, during the Super Bowl halftime show.
    In an interview in the magazine's September issue, on newsstands Aug. 15, Jackson says the incident — variously referred to as "Nipplegate" and the "bra-ha-ha" — is history.
    "It's just over and done with. It's old. It's the past. It's history. I'm onto something new. Everybody got their licks in — those who wanted to — and it's done," she says.
    Jackson credits her boyfriend, 33-year-old music producer Jermaine Dupri, for giving her self-esteem "a little boost."
    "I came to realize that younger men had less of a problem with who I am than older men," she says. "With the younger guys, there was less ego. Things were less competitive. They weren't threatened by who made more and who made less."
    She says that with Dupri, she feels as if she's met her match.
    "When I look at Jermaine, I see myself," Jackson says. "I feel as if I'm looking in the mirror. The connection I feel with him I have never felt with anybody else."
    Her new album, "20 Y.O.," is slated for release Sept. 26. Dupri produced a few tracks, and longtime collaborators Jimmy "Jam" Harris and Terry Lewis pitched in on the disc as well.
    The pop star recently said she had packed on extra weight for a role in the upcoming movie "Tennessee," which she ultimately had to pass on because of her new record.
    When asked if she'd rather have a hit album or win an Oscar, she says: "Win an Oscar. It's just a passion. But can't I have both? Everybody in my family says I'm spoiled anyway. I want both..."
  2. I think she looks good for her age, but her stomach is freaking me out a bit.
  3. Wow, she still looks hot to me =)
  4. I'm sorry, shes just too manly for words in that pic. she looks like a drag act. WHAT??? is that stomach about?? bleugh
  5. She's always had a muscly body when she's fit, I think she looks amazing, but I would never want my stomach to be that toned, its too much.
  6. For her age, still smoking hot.
  7. Looks like I tied it up 8:8.
    I think she looks great - esp for her age.
  8. Kudos to Janet Jackson for being the least screwed-up of her siblings.
  9. I am about sick of looking at her and Mariah Carey. PUT some clothes on already...

  10. Couldn't agree more.
  11. She looks hott!
  12. How in the hell did she lose 60lbs in four months ??? i don't know real people who do that kind of thing - ever ( unless we're talking bypass surgery ) ! She was chubby - now she looks completely ripped , that is just weird . I think she's gone too far with the plastic surgery , IMO . She's starting to get that Joker look , I think her abs rock though .
  13. I just think she's past the age where she should be posting topless for magazines...there was a pic of her at something and she was wearing a little itty bitty cropped jacket...as a top. I just think she needs to grow up and start acting her age.

    ps, her stomach freaks me out, too. it looks like it's a bunch of loose skin or something.
  14. Looks great!