Janet Jackson

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  1. she gained weight for a role in the upcoming movie 'Tennessee', which she ultimately had to pass on because of her new album. The producers actually wanted to see Janet as heavier woman 4 the role. 'The timing didn't quite work with trying to finish my album, and unfortunately I wasn't able to do the film', she said. The role then went to Mariah Carey.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. I love Janet but I'm sorry I don't buy this. Of course I could be wrong but any actress/singer who gains weight for work IMMEDIATELY lets their fans and the pulic know it is for work and not just them gaining weight.
  3. Isn't it sad how the press covers her weight like she's not even human? I feel like society builds people up just to strike them down, and then let the cycle pass over again. Everyone was calling her a fat slob in December, and then suddenly when she loses the weight, the media calls her "FABULOUS" and "HOT".

    What a sad message to young girls...
  4. [​IMG]
    No no NOOOOOoooooo!!!!!
    Janet looked comfy chic arriving at Narita Airport in Tokyo on Saturday.
    Why'd she have to ruin a good thing by wearing those ****eous things on her feet???

    As if Last time wasn't bad enough???

  5. She REALLY needs a stylist or simply a good pair of glasses. I don't know about you but I am more familiar with how Janet's breasts look than my own. She is over 40 and should really cover her boobs and abs - leave a little to the imagination.
  6. She's a terrible dresser.
  7. :throwup:
  8. Those shoes are hideous.
  9. eww those are like the munchin shoes from wizard of oz
  10. wow, looks like she beat the sh-- out of that birkin too!
  11. Looking at this picture makes me wonder if something happens to all Jacksons past the age of 35. They just all seem so weird - and she was considered the normal one. I guess they get stuck in the time when they were musically relevant and have a tough time letting go.
  12. omg...what the heck happened to the janet jackson that i loved? she looks awful, i mean i'm glad she lost all the weight but she needs to start working on her style, does outfits are horrendous!!! :wtf:
  13. actually thats a suede birkin! :yes: :love:

  14. *dead*

  15. The shoes are truly heinous. I bet they cost a bundle, too! I'd be too nervous about carrying a suede bag. One drop of water and the whole thing's screwed.