Jane's showcase, now with added Gucci!

  1. New and improved, no longer severely outdated, here they are!

    Starting with the Louis Vuitton...

    Saleya PM, Tikal PM, multicolore Koala wallet, Koala agenda (pink)
  2. The Gucci!

    Guccissima large Princy hobo with Guccissima standard agenda (chocolate, mmm)
  3. Botkier medium trigger in metallic pearl, so pretty!!
  4. Bulga medium hobo in teal green, with buttery soft leather
  5. Kate Spade sloane street small rue and punched noel wallet, my favorite KS pieces ever!
  6. My collection of Coach wristlets, and the scarf print cosmetics case, which is awesome.
  7. A small Kate Spade evening bag, and my Marc Jacobs small frame wallet...
  8. AND FINALLY, just for fun, a couple more shots of my LV pieces, the Koala and the Damier Saleya wearing a pretty scarf. :love: :love:

    (I sold the LV bucket in the first pic last winter)
    91446641_c78a8269cd_o.jpg 101297797_c0ad298622_o.jpg
  9. nice collection jane.
  10. Nice bags! I especially like your bulga. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Lovely bags! :biggrin: That Bulga's a gorgeous colour! :heart:
  12. Love it, my favourite is still the MC koala wallet ! :yes:
  13. Great collection love the LV & Coach wristlets! Thanks for sharing.
  14. :love: Absolutely wonderful!
  15. you got nice pieces there... guess, i can get more LV's now.. hehe..