Jane's feels terrible now. *(sad sad story)*

  1. For sake of privacy, let me present this as a hypothetical situation...

    Let's say we have Jane. Jane works for an orthodontist. Today, Jane encountered a moral frustration.

    One of Jane's patients, we'll call her Judy, came in for some help. Now, Judy has an outstanding balance on her account with the orthodontist, and therefore, in order to keep her job, Jane cannot progress Judy's treatment or remove her braces until Judy pays her account, which is thousands of dollars negative. The problem: Judy is 5 months pregnant, and her gums are very swollen and tender, which is being further aggravated by the braces. She is very fearful that her oral health could get worse by leaving the braces on, but the orthodontist is unmoving in the fact that the braces will not be removed until the balance is paid, regardless of Judy's health.

    Now, Jane is trying to make herself feel less guilty for not being able to help, while also trying to ignore her boss's obvious reference to her in a loud discussion with another employee on how "some people just care too much", and so she tries to justify the situation by condemning Judy's decisions. "She shouldn't have gotten started in braces if she couldn't pay....she shouldn't have a baby if she can't afford to take care of herself." This is when Judy tells Jane the backstory to her sad situation: Judy's father was originally the one paying for her braces...until he split town, leaving Judy on her own, soon to be accountable for the balance on her 18th birthday. A year passed with her mouthful of metal, when the unexpected happened: Judy was raped. And now, pregnant, with hormonally-induced gum disease, and no money, Judy was sitting in Jane's treatment chair, a sad and unhopeful plea in her eyes...and Jane felt there was nothing else she could do except sneak some hygiene tools to Judy before she left the office in tears...

    If you were Jane, what would you have done?
  2. :wtf::crybaby:That is devasting!!!!!! If I were Jane, I wouldn't be able take it, I'd be sure she would get those braces off one way or the other. It bothers me how some doctors seem so money hungry, they lose the focus on the best interest of the health of their patients. I really hope her future is much brighter and good things come her way.
  3. I would have removed the braces and given my notice, in order to empower my employer to obtain staff who share his values.

    Edit to note that mine is of course an extremist position, and vulnerable to charges of being anti-business.

    And the reality is that in the US, medical treatment is a commodity, a commercial product, I could not condemn Jane for failing to essentially reject her culture and commit such a blatantly anti-business act that she might be risking her ability to find employment elsewhere.

    I think the health care fields sometimes attract young people who are subject to less businesslike motivations, such as "helping people." Which, in fairness, is what the industry does, just as the ready-to-wear industry, or the purse industry, helps people by offering products that people may want to purchase.

    But I think that there are a good many people working in the US medical industries who are really more suited to employment with an NGO than with a business!
  4. If I was Jane and had a good network of friends, or knows of groups that take care of dental problems, I would either try to raise money for another orthodontist to remove the braces, or try to get her hooked up with a group. Also, if there happens to be a dental school within a 100 mile radius, I would check with them to see if they can accept her. Otherwise, heer doctor, case worker-someone needs to arrange to take those braces off for the sake of the health of child and mother.No matter what-tough situation and given the situation, Jane did the best she could:sad:
  5. Yup:yes: That is such a sad story....I'm sorry you are dealing w/ this. Hope it all works out for you.:flowers:
  6. Same thing as ShimmaPuff.

    Hypothetically speaking...what did Jane do?
  7. let yourself off of the hook. if she truly has no money i feel you can put her in touch with whatever your state calls public assistance.

    how is she taking care of her medical care for the pregnancy? her ob/gyn could probably get his office staff to call a case worker for the health and human services and find the best way to proceed. not only is this a danger to her health and well being but if it turns into something big the government (meaning you and me) will end up paying a bigger bill in the end.

    you are a caring and compassionate person. you are to be commended. the dentist may know something you don't, if not, he is just plain simple. he could remove the braces and then deny her further care.
  8. Wow Doesn't having gum disease or other issues with your teeth lead to other health problems? is it potentially dangerous for the child? I agree with the other responses, to look into a dental school or some/any type of assistance, no way to do it on the DL?
    You have a kind heart, hopefully something can be done for this poor girl.
  9. I would of called around to find someone to help at a church because there are kind hearted people that will help this poor girl...
  10. I've heard of people actually managing to take their OWN braces off.

    I fail to see why taking the braces off would help the gum disease, though...shouldn't you be able to take care of your gums the same with or without the braces? I was always able to brush and floss just fine w/my braces on.
  11. I would have helped Jane one way or another...find her a non profit ortho, public assistance and as a last resort done it myself.
  12. Yeah, I'm missing what having braces has to do with gum disease. Evidently she wasn't taking care of her teeth and would be in this situation..braces or not. However, I'd probably just grab a few tools as I as closing up, then met Judy somewhere off site to help remove the braces. Or just give her a bag of half popped popcorn. Eating that will crack those braces right off!
  13. ^^^when you're pregnant, it can create all kinds of problems, you never experienced before, including gum problems....nothing to do with her taking care of her teeth....braces, I could def. see making that worse. Not only the obvious rubbing and soreness braces can cause, but catching extra food, needing more brushing, etc.
  14. http://www.ada.org/public/manage/insurance/medicare.asp#payfor

    If Judy has Medicaid, she should be able to work something out for her dental care. If a dentist who accepts Medicaid feels that her braces are interfering with her dental health, then he can arrange to have them taken off.

    Judy should be applying for Medicaid if she isn't on it already.
  15. Jane loves the PF. :heart:

    As far as Jane's job, she may not be there very long, as she is planning to go back to school (for a very different career) very soon.

    Jane got Judy's information today. (She hopes Judy still lives at that address!). Judy hopefully will be receiving an anonymous package with some items for little-Judy and a list of orthodontists to call in the area. There is also a suggestion for a dental hygiene school (good idea guys!) nearby where a thorough cleaning would only cost $10, and they may at least remove the wires for Judy. Jane recommended NOT trying to take them off herself, as she has ceramic brackets and doing so can possibly damage the enamel, and there would still be glue left on the teeth to irritate Judy's gums.

    Jane wishes she could do more.