Jane Reaction vs. Up Close and Personal

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  1. Hey all, some questions for ya... I am still searching for a great work bag. I have been pretty set on the Up Close and Personal in Grape (but wanting to hear some IRL opinions before ordering), but recently came across a Jane Reaction bag (used) in green (avocado, lawn, some other green??) for a great price. The blues, greens and purples are my total favs!

    I know the Up Close and Personal isn't out yet, but it appears that they are about the same size and the UC&P has a longer drop than the JR... Is that the biggest difference? How does the UC&P close, a magnet, a zipper??

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. I see MHB has the up close and personal in truffle and licorice in stock now. You may want to call or email them for comparison information.
  3. IMO the ucap tota is a little slimmer and more streamlined than JR.
  4. I don't know anything about the jane reaction bag but I love the look of UCAP! I hope you find the perfect bag for you!