Jane Pitt visits Jennifer Aniston

  1. Celebrity Babylon stumbled on a highly organized stealth visit on June 17, that had Brad Pitt's security team escorting his mother Jane in a black SUV to Jen Aniston's rented Malibu beach pad. According to our Celebrity Babylon snapper, "The second the SUV was feet from the place, Jen's bodyguard rushed out and got the door for Jane. She was quickly taken into the house where she stayed for the next two hours."
    Jane Pitt left Jen's pad without much expression and was taken away, and about a half-hour later Jen put her dog Dolly in her Range Rover and sped off down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

    Probably nothing important and we shouldn't make a big deal about it, but since I found it interesting I decided to post.
    Jane1.jpg Jane2.jpg Jane3.jpg Jen.jpg
  2. I sure that they are still friends despite what happen.
  3. Well that's nice!
  4. I always heard they were pretty close, good for them for maintaining that
  5. I think it's nice, she clearly thinks highly of Jen.
  6. oh boy, Angelina's gonna LOOOVE this! LOL!
  7. I think that they are just still friends.
  8. She got Pitt and Shiloh. Do you think she cares? :smile:
  9. yes, reportedly she cares very much. Apparently she's got a pretty jealous streak in her:yes:
    . . . like most of us would I'd assume.
  10. I think its lovely that they stay in contact, after all both Jennifer and Brads mum probably thought it was for life ;)
  11. I can see her being crazy jealous! I think her whole stone cold front act is just to cover how insecure this women is!!
  12. I know it's wrong of me, but I still feel so sorry for Jen. She is so unlucky. Pitt and Jolie have a family, their careers are flourishing, and from what I read, Jen's not doing so well professionally... If Jane Pitt can be her friend regardless of the big mess, that's really good for the both of them.
  13. I think Jennifer is doing great. She's not in the spotlight too much with upcoming projects, however she has time to breathe and live. Which is what she needs/wants.

    I'm glad that they can stay connected. God forbid something happening with my bf and I, I would hope to stay connected with his family because I care for them (minus a sibling:p) so much!
  14. I think this is really nice to see, thanks for posting.

  15. I agree with you on this one :tup: