Jane Mayle what stores carry her?

  1. WHat stores carry Jane Mayle? Does she have her own boutiques? Shes my FAVORITE!!! Most amazing designer.. When will she be designing for target?? hehehe
  2. wow no one knows?
  3. i love her too.. they carry her at hefjina in chicago...
  4. net-a-porter, satine boutique, and le train bleu carry her online. hth!
  5. oh..and yes, she does have her own boutique. 242 elizabeth st., new york, new york 10012. 212.625.0406 ;)
  6. what about los angeles area?
  7. wow thank you so much :smile:)))))))))))
  8. I can vouch for Zoe...it's a boutique in Princeton, NJ and the last time I was there (about two weeks ago), they had some amazing sales on some Mayle. Unfortunately, they did not have my sizes in the things that I liked.

    Good luck with your search!
  9. if you're in nyc, mayle has sample sales i think twice a year. i went to one last summer and everything was really reasonable priced (her retail is so expensive!).
  10. oooo what??? sample sales? at her boutique or somewhere else? how can i find out about this.. I want to come to NY one day... please tell me