Jane Carr scarves - anyone have any?

Jan 19, 2009
Sydney, Australia
I first saw this scarf http://jane-carr.com/product/square-(pave)/808/metal/322/ at Henri Bendel in NYC last year and fell in love.

I bought it and wore it pretty much daily on my trip. :smile:

When I got home I did a bit more research. While they have a shop online, there are not that many stockists. To me, that's a pity as I prefer to see scarves in real life before buying them.

Still, when they had a 30% off Xmas sale, I indulged again and bought this wrap - http://jane-carr.com/product/wrap-(ink)/814/jet/320/

For me, it was another winner. The only downside was that my NYC purchase came with no box. :biggrin:


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May 14, 2013
New York
I bet you found some great pieces in NY!
Absolutely love Henri Bendel
I just recently received my first Jane Carr scarf. I ordered mine online too.
Paint wrap in Carnival!
So Pretty!!
weirdly enough I actually came across Jane Carr scarves when i was travelling in Perth -
The store is called MyCatwalk Cottesloe
so if you are ever in Perth totally go check it out it