Jane Birkin style thread

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  1. woowww thank you so much for the nice photos !! I love them !!! :biggrin:

  2. Exactly !!! :biggrin: flare, high kneed boots, mini dress, blouse, wonderful !!! :p

  3. With Kate, Charlotte & Serge in Saint-Tropez 1977 :biggrin:
  4. :smile:
    561951-serge-gainsbourg-et-jane-birkin-avec-637x0-2.jpg 561954-serge-gainsbourg-et-jane-birkin-pose-637x0-2.jpg
  5. love the effortless, carefree yet fun looks she had in the 70s
  6. ;)

    with Lou & Charlotte
    With Charlotte
    With Serge
    With baby Charlotte :smile:
    78333-charlotte-et-lou-avec-leur-mere-jane-637x0-1.jpg 526441-jane-et-charlotte-adeptes-du-casual-637x0-3.jpg 3025815944_1_2_qCduTluj.jpg Jane-Birkin-hippie-chic-a-la-naissance-de-sa-fille_portrait_gallery.jpg
  7. :heart:
    19349_319198129210_315274134210_3747001_6270178_n.jpg 224434_226966767339053_170861702949560_568706_6878295_n.jpg 265081_214003455302051_170861702949560_531902_8216934_n.jpg 393507_296218760413853_170861702949560_746052_223262912_n.jpg 374252_272201909482205_170861702949560_691413_1044660622_n.jpg
  8. Thanks for all these pictures... I love this woman, and her daughters too :smile:
  9. Hello, I just found one article here about Jane Birkin.
    Hope this is helpful to everyone here!

    Korea and France’s leading style icon have met.
    Lee Hyori held a surprise meeting with Jane Birkin a well-known French actress, singer and model at Imperial Palace Hotel on March 21. [Read More]