Jane Birkin on Japanese TV show with Birkins :)

  1. The namesake appeared on a Japanese TV show - Smap x Smap and with her came her black Birkin, which was stuffed to the brim! She said this was her 3 or 4 (i'm presuming she probably meant her 3 or 4 black birkin because I'm sure she has more than 3 or 4 Birkins.) She said her very first Birkin was donated to a charity auction to help the earthquake disaster in Taiwan.

    The segment of the show was that the guest could request whatever type of cuisine that they wanted and the two teams will cook according to her request. The winning team will receive a prize from the guest. Usually for female guests, the prize is a peck on the cheek, which Jane complied to. She also presented the winning team with their own birkins, one rouge and the other one I believe to be gold... Furthermore, she signed the inner flap for them!

    What I loved most about what she said in the interview was that she felt that the Birkin should be something that is used frequently for many years, and that everyone ought to make the bag their own. She said it did not matter what kind of style you had, you can carry a Birkin. (She appeared on the show wearing a grey knit long sleeve, black pants, and a pair of converse high tops!!)

    Here are some screen caps!
    bscap053.jpg bscap055.jpg bscap056.jpg bscap058.jpg bscap059.jpg
  2. Thank you, so much for posting this!!!!! I adore Jane Birkin.........
  3. Thanks for posting this! Really interesting. I agree about personalizing the Birkin - there are so many different accessories - so many ways to make a Birkin one's own (for enough $, of course)...

    I know many people get hot and bothered by personal touches like stickers, rhinestone bag tatoos (etc.) - but actually, I kind of "get" that. It's not *me*; would I *dare* do that to one of my own? OF COURSE NOT! Maybe one day, when my collection is really big. But still, I get that. One person's "tacky" is another person's expression.
  4. I fell in love with the Birkin after seeing a picture of Jane, her dog and her Black Box Birkin sitting all slumpy and loved-up on the pavement....that bag was beautifully well used and clearly beloved.
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    it is very interestiing.
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  8. I love how she has all these little trinkets and chains dangling from the bag. Very je nais sais quoi.
  9. Thank you for posting that! Maybe I should pair my purple Hi Tops with Miss Pru too :upsidedown:
  10. Thanks for posting! :tup: I always enjoy the Smap x Smap show when I watch them during my stay in Japan. I recall the first Birkin bag of hers was full of luggage stickers and very much used (in a nice way)
  11. Wow, thanks for the pictures and information. Jane Birkin is still so bohemian, I love that. What leather do you all think that birkin she has is? It's not her usual box.
  12. Thanks for the info!
  13. Thanks for the interesting thread!
  14. After reading your review, I feel more confident adding personality to my birkin and kelly. After all they're mine and I can do whatever I want. :heart:
  15. I love those trinkets she has on her bag!