Jane Birkin ditches the birkin for a...

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  1. My first thought was she must carry way too much and I was right. I am sure it didn't help the whole tendonitis thing. It is also quite funny that she is correct...we do know her for the bag and not as much for anything else.

    Thanks for the article.
  2. There is a condition floating around the net called "Birkin Elbow!" One of the reasons I want Chevre leather, or choose the size 30!
  3. Well, those of us who are older do remember her for being Serge Gainsbourg's lover, her musical recordings, and her um, erotic movie scenes.
  4. I wouldn't mind having 'birkin elbow' if it meant that I had managed to acquire a birkin!
  5. Geez......She's the one who ask Hermes' to create a birkin for her and now...she's backstabbing? Such a low modesty lady......
  6. Huh. So her giant overstuffed Birkin gave her tendonitis, so her solution is a Scottish fanny pack that holds about 1/15th of a Birkin. Makes LOADS of sense. :smile:
  7. Wow, interesting :sad:
  8. Poor Jane but like that's going to stop us from wanting a Birkin!
  9. be careful, girls!!!


    Jane Birkin ditches Hermes bag for sporran

    Legendary actor and singer Jane Birkin has ditched the Hermes Birkin bag, which she inspired, in favour of the Scots sporran after the world-famous accessory gave her tendonitis.

    Launched over 20 years ago, the Birkin bag has become a cultural symbol of elitism, privilege and celebrity. But after complaining of pains in her arms, the singer and actress has replaced her four-figure namesake with a £10 kilt accessory.

    Birkin said: "I bought this second-hand [sporran purse] in Edinburgh three years ago, and a more useful little thing one couldn't own. It's the envy of Paris. I gave up on the [Birkin] bag right away. That bloody thing. I told Hermes they were mad to make it. My one was always full and it ended up giving me tendonitis.

    "This sporran cost me £10 from a shop near Edinburgh Castle. It's all I need for my mobile phone, some junky make-up and useful pieces of driftwood from South America that give you good luck."

    The Hermes Birkin bag was inspired in the mid-1980s after the singer spilled the contents of her too-small bag onto the Hermes designer on a plane in 1981. First made in Paris in 1984 and later launched in America, the Birkin bag's unique design, complete with lock, key and rectangular shape, is a trademark Hermes piece, inspiring legions of copycats and two-and-a-half-year waiting lists.

    It became so well known in the late 1990s that it featured in hit sitcoms such as Sex and the City and Will & Grace.


  10. Hi Brian, there has been a thread about this before.
  11. ooooh a Manly Man :drool:
  12. Honestly, did she have to carry so much in her Birkin, making it weigh a ton? How can she carry that tiny thing and still have had to put so much into her Birkin? I almost find it offensive that she is dissing the Birkin after she is the one that "helped create it".

    I read somewhere that she gets a commission for each Birkin sold. Does anyone know if this is true?

    Anyway, perhaps this quote is inaccurate, as some press can be. I will shut up now.
  13. I heard about this earlier, fair enough if she over the birkin (which makes me doubt that it should've been named after her) but to trade it in for that thing?! is offensive (sorry to all the Scottish people) I had no idea what a sporan was until today, and i think i wish i hadn't