Jane bag- Leopard or Black

  1. Hi all, need your help... I wanna get my 1st AW bag and I really like the functionality of the Jane bag.

    Question is whether to get it in leopard or in full black.

    I do like the zips as the highlight of the bag when it's all black, but the leopard prints add fun to my all black bag collection...
  2. I vote for leopard print- I think the silhouette is much more pronounced on the leopard than the black and I treat leopard like a neutral anyway and it matches almost everything.
  3. i vote leopard too..i saw one in Neimans today and loved it right away..
  4. Love the Leopard print.
  5. I have the leopard Jane and love it to pieces! You can get black other time!
    But do note that the leather are different. Black has very soft leather whereas leopard is a little tough.
  6. Hi all, thanks for helping me to make my decision! I have got myself a Leopard! :smile:)

    The leopard is in calfskin while the black is lamb. I decided that the bag looks better in the leopard after trying both ... Pics to come! :smile:
  7. Oops I mean goat skin, not calf
  8. yay yay yay! congrats..pics please!!!
  9. Omg, this is the exact question I was debating myself! I'm glad you started a thread on this. Jasterock & sarah7487 can you both post pics and mod pics?? I'd love to see them in action, I'm thinking of selling off a bag to get the Jane because I kind of sort of love it hehe
  10. I'm in looove with the Jane too, can't wait to see pics!!! :amuse:
  11. Congrats! I can't wait to see!
  12. I'm trying to decide between Leopard Jane and the Toffee Jane.....anyone have the Toffee color?
  13. I wasn't a fan of the leopard until I saw mod shots...Now i want this bag!!!:hysteric:
    Post more mod shots to push me over the edge.
    Cinn, this bag is so you!!! I can totally see you rock this style. ;)
    Oh, just so you know....you people are a baaaaaaad influence.:lol:
  14. Totally agree with the statement "I wasn't a fan of the leopard until I saw mod shots...Now i want this bag!!!." Whoa whoa.. have there been mod shots other than Rosie Whiteley Huntington? Because then you NEED to show me them...

    You are too sweet boxer.. we should just rock it together when it goes on super sale haha!
  15. No, just NAP's mod shots.
    Rosie's shots sold me.:biggrin: