Jane August bags

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  1. What do we think?

    I've never seen one in person but I think this one looks pretty:


    it is ginormous. Here is a picture of J Lo wearing it


    more at www.janeaugust.com.
  2. wow i like it!!!
  3. Me too! I wish I could see one in person. It's reasonably priced, too.
  4. do u know where it can be purchased online?
    it's huge LOL i love the size and the style, very simple
  5. Are you tall? It looks like a fairly long purse. Nice colors though.
  6. Very nice! Where does one buy them? What is the price range?
  7. Yes, I am tall, so I think it would work. They have one on ideeli but I have never bought from them before and there are no returns so I am going to try to find them elsewhere. I will let you know what I turn up. They also have a few on clutchseattle.com, but I have never ordered from them either. I like the look of it but am hoping to see one in person (or get feedback from someone who has seen one in person!) before buying.

    I think the price range is in the Botkier/Rebecca Minkoff range, or maybe a teeny bit higher, like $500 -800, but they also have a few exotics that are pricey.
  8. Dang that is a really big bag. Very striking, and it would look awesome on a tall woman.
  9. WOW that is one seriously large bag! It think Sari Brown from Luxcouture.com carry Jane August bags.
  10. I'm loving the emerald color!
  11. This bag is amazing! I co-own a handbag boutique in Seattle and we stock Jane August bags. We've sold out of the Kings Road a few times and are currently awaiting a new shipment. It's such a gorgeous bag!

    These are stamped leather and retail for 780. I think the Kings Road is also available in the exotics, but that's much more expensive. They are all handcrafted in Italy and are extremely well made. I'm really such a huge Jane August fan and I think this is her best bag. So glad to see some fellow TPFers have discovered her designs!
  12. I own it - actually, I bought it from the ideeli.com website and absolutely love it. It holds alot and it's very long (I'm 5'4") - my friend owns it in dark navy and even sticks her yoga mat in it!
  13. I love these bags. I'm starting to look at the more unusual designs and designers instead of the typical ones.
  14. really nice...i cant find the prices though, anyone know?
  15. ^ignore that post....sorry about that, figured it out!!

    really really lovely bags!