Jana Feifer Sequin Hobo

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  1. I really like this bag- i saw one on eBay- is it still in? thougth perhaps could wear as evening bag but would :yes: carry more? any thoughts?
  2. can u pos pics?
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]:love:
  4. I am personally a bit sick of sequins but I think they are still in--Blumarine has a sequin bowler on eluxury this season
    you can always use it for evening when sequins for day are officially out, so buy it if you like it!
  5. personally, i'm not a fan of sequins- reminds me of figure skating. LOL. Plus, I always feel they age poorly. But if you like it, by all means indulge! Remember, it's about YOU
  6. Anyone interested in ourchasing the Large baca bag..?
  7. No, no, no, dear new person - no selling/buying here - please read the Forum guidelines ...