Jana Ballet Flat

  1. Does anyone have the Jana ballet flat? I'm thinking of getting them...I have them on hold on the Coach store and I"m going to try them on tomorrow! What do you guys think of them??
  2. i think they're very sporty looking for a ballet flat, and that's not really my style, but they look so cute on other people! hope you love them when you try them on!
  3. I think they are cute. I have a pair of patent leather ones and they are so comfortable. I was thinking of the Jana for summer. What color you getting?
  4. Yeah I am going to buy them in gold eventually. I like their sporty look and they look like they can go with a-lot.
  5. I want to get the Khaki/Gold color. They look really cute. I also like how they have rubber soles--I hate how some flats have really thin leather soles that wear out so easily!
  6. I agree! The gold is so cute--although I think the black is very versatile as well.
  7. I went to the store today and bought Jana flats, but I'm not sure if I liked them as much as I thought...they seem a little chunkier than I had wanted in a ballet flat, and I wish it showed more toe cleavage!
  8. You need to take a picture of them with your feet in them! What color did you get?
  9. I was thinking of getting these, but don't know how comfortable Coach shoes are???
  10. I think they are very cute. I was also thinking about get them.
  11. They are actually quite comfortable. I have wide feet and it's hard for me to find comfy ballet shoes, and these are pretty comfy. They have a thick sole and the front doesn't squeeze. You should get them!
  12. I don't have a camera! I got them in khaki/gold.