Jan Marini Lash Intervention/Revitalash Off Market

  1. I have been using Revitalash and it really, really worked for me. Now I see that Revitalash was taken off the market by the manufacturer, Athena Cosmetics, after FDA agents seized $2 million of Age Intervention Eyelash. Apparently, they contain "bimatroprost," which can cause swelling of the retina, inflammation, and reduced vision.

    Anyone else use these products? Experienced side effects?

    Oh, here's a link to the article:

  2. Is this the stuff that makes your eyelashes grow? If so, I love it! I've never had any problems. Thank goodness I have an extra tube I haven't opened yet.

    I read the article in your link, but I don't know if it's the same eyelash growing stuff I have or not. I can't tell.

    I think Jan Marini also just introduced a new mascara.
  3. I use Revitalash, and it was voluntarily pulled from the market by the manufacturer (Athena). Jan Marini's Age Intervention Eyelash was seized by the FDA, apparently.

    Edit: Yes, it's the stuff that makes your eyelashes grow. I had chemo for breast cancer awhile back, and my eyelashes grew back thin and short and brittle. With Revitalash, they have grown to the point that they look great. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone else, but I went to eBay and bought two extra tubes.
  4. I've always wanted to use this, but I never got around to it. My eyelashes are surprisingly long and thick compared to most Asian eyelashes. :s Oh well.

    I hope no one experiences the side effects!!
  5. I saw this on the news. I have a tube that I haven't opened because of this.
  6. Hubba, you could probably sell it on eBay because many people are still willing to use it.
  7. so how do we find out if FDA has pulled our cosmetic products off the market, becuase if it werent for tpf I woulda never known which is a scary thing. i dont use this product... but just saying what if.
  8. ^ good question..I would like to know as well.

    Anyone know?
  9. Hm, I just bought a bottle and started using it yesterday... i wonder if its actually dangerous, I really want to try it out, and may still anyway =T
  10. That's so disappointing to hear! I really really wanted to try revitalash, but it's not worth it if there's a possibility that my vision can become even worse!!
  11. ^My vision is already worse enough as it is. It's good I never tried this!
  12. This is disappointing to hear too - I was going to buy some mom some since she lost her lashes to cancer too. :\
  13. So, whats the consensus here? Is this product a hazardous no-go? I would love to try it if I knew that it was safe. I have teeny weeny lashes and barely there eyebrows!
  14. I still use it. I buy mine from www.skinstore.com

    They have a notice on the website stating that the product has been reformulated and it's okay to use. It also says they pulled the original formula off the market in 2006.
  15. I just started using mine, I got it from Athena directly last week (before the voluntary recall i guess?) and have used it for about 6 days now, and ALREADY I see a little bit more length and DEFINITE curling. Crazy! will keep you updated!