Jan Marini Fans....anyone out there?

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  1. I love love love her products and have been a loyal fan for more than 8 years now. I use:

    1. Bioclean Facial Cleanser
    2. C-esta Eye Cream
    3. Age Intervention Eye Cream
    4. Age Intervention Regeneration Booster
    5. C-esta Serum
    6. Antioxidant Hydro Silk Protecting Hydrator
    7. Bioglycolic Facial Lotion SPF15 alternating Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF30
    8. C-esta Perfection Foundation

    1. Bioclean Facial Cleanser
    2. Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser
    3. Bioclear Cream
    4. Factor-A Lotion
    5. Transformation Cream

    Would like to more hear from her fans.
  2. I have some of her products- a local spa sells her stuff. I've been happy with the products. however, i needed stronger stuff so i go to a derm now. the bioglycolic facial cleanser is pretty darn great!
  3. I do like her stuff and I get it all for free!! Her business is about 2 miles from my house and I am a test case study for melasma and sunspots. I get everything for free plus I go in every 2 weeks for a peel and photos.:yahoo:

    The age intervention under eye cream is awesome stuff. I couldn't believe the difference after only a month. HUGE difference in the photos.

    Unfortunately, my sunspots have been very stubborn but I seem to be in the minority. She has had great success with others. I am still holding out hope though!
  4. Lucky you! Try applying the C-Esta Eye Cream before the Age Intervention Eye Cream....you'll be even happier with the result!
  5. Did you try the Bioclear Cream? My must have, great for clearing clogged pores.
  6. I just got a package yesterday with 2 bottles of Jan Marini bioclear lotion. I love this stuff! I've used it before but I ran out a couple weeks before ... benzoyl peroxide cannot do the same job. I'm so happy to have more lotion! Seriously, I've tried like all the acne products on the market and this works hands down the best for me. It gives me clear skin with no flakes.
  7. I haven't tried her skin care products, but I had fabulous results with her Age Intervention Eyelash (growth product). That is, until she was forced to reformulate it and then I switched to a different brand.
  8. I have used a few products and had really good results. It was the only brand that actually worked! My dermatologist put me on it and I was so happy he did :smile:
  9. I read a lot of good reviews about it but haven't tried yet.
  10. Me me me!!! Lol... I absolutely love Jan Marini Products, especially her Bioclear line! It really works, I have spent so much money over the years on facial products from Dermalogica to Epicuran and the only thing that had results for me was the Bioclear lotion and face wash.
  11. I just use the Bioglycolic cleanser and the BioClear lotion...love them!