Jam's Colorful Collection - Small but selective

  1. Here's my growing bag collection, all these bags are from September 2007 onwards except for the Kate Spade. PF has helped me discover the joy in seeking out gorgeous bags.

    Back Row - Left to right
    1) LV Damier Speedy 25 from LV Sydney Castlereagh
    2) Stellina Tokidoki Vacanze

    Front Row - Left to right
    3) Kate Spade Noel from Kate Spade HK Pacific Place
    4) LV Multicolore Shirley
    5) Isabella Fiore Keira Clutch 'Love to Live'

    Stay tuned
    for Lulu Guinness Evening Bag & LV Florentine:p
    untitled.JPG untitled2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG
  2. Great collection!! Love your MC Shirley clutch the most!!:tup:
  3. great collection. love your MC shirley.
  4. LOVE your Shirley...wow! The Damier and Bandeau also catch my eye!!!
  5. Great collection- love the MC
  6. Very nice ... love the shirley and the speedy! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to more additions!
  7. love the LV
  8. Love the collection and the colors!
  9. Love the Shirley!
  10. I love that Isabella Fiore clutch.
  11. Fun and fabulous collection!
  12. That litle Shirley is TDF!
  13. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Gorgeous collection. You have great taste - quality is more important than quality! I esp. love your Kate Spade and the Isabella Fiore. Just beautiful. :tup:
  15. Love the Isabella Fiore Keira Clutch 'Love to Live', very rock chic!!! :tup: