Jamie-Lynn Spears Heading To An Acting Class In LA

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  2. I don't think shes pretty at all and I don't think she can act either, hopefully those classes will pay off
  3. She looks really old in these pics.
  4. wow. i am shocked as to how she looks now. she used to be so cute. what happened to her?
  5. She looks like the female Justin Timberlake:push:
  6. At least she's got hair and isn't walking around half naked and stoned.
  7. I feel so bad for her with all the family stuff going on. I hope she does not turn out like her big sis.
  8. not the best pics.
  9. She's a cute girl and im sure we all have our rough moments!
  10. I wish her well
    and hope she learns to keep on underwear when getting her photo taken
  11. Aaw bless her, shes cute.
  12. I think she looks cute and comfy!!!
  13. OMG she looks bad.
  14. Hopefully she has more class than her sister. PLEASE ~Most celebrities do NOT look good when they're not all made up. These photos look like everyday, normal pictures; hardly "bad". It's just her baggy clothes that makes her look sloppy. If she wore a tank top and fitted jeans, I'm sure her casual look would look a lot better.
  15. Wow tough crowd in here - I'd hate to hear what you'd say about me if I posted a pic of me leaving the house on my day off!!! I think she looks like a cute, normal everyday teen.