Jamie Lynn and her dad at Justin Timberlake concert

  1. "Justin and Britney may still have a lot of bad blood between them, but there’s no animosity between Timberlake and younger Spears sibling Jamie Lynn.
    On Monday night, Jamie Lynn and dad Jamie Spears attended the Justin Timberlake concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
    It’s nice to see that Jamie Lynn is still looking nice and sweet and normal.
    If only Britney could see the importance of having her mom and her dad in her life. It’s kind of unbelievable that she’s estranged from BOTH parents!
    Wonder if Jamie Lynn and Justin had a convo backstage????"


  2. What a cute girl. To bad about her sister.
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. She's a doll but how old is she? that's quite the shirt if she's still 14 (in my mind) haha.
  5. She's much prettier than Britney.
  6. ^^^^ Yup, she's much prettier than her sister. And hopefully she's smarter.
  7. I don't think her and Brit are that far apart in age....she has to be older than 14. Britney is 25 now.
  8. BTW It's nice that they have a good music taste.
  9. She looks just like her sister. Well not now, but when Britney was in the Baby one more time video.
  10. She's 16... she and Brit are quite a few years apart.
  11. Give her a few years, they both have the same parents....she might just catch up to Britney.
  12. 16??? Um, she needs to be covered up a tad bit more IMO