Jamie Lee Curtis done with acting

  1. :smile:
  2. i always liked her :sad:
  3. I think she's one of the few "real" actresses out there. She tells it like it is. :yes:
  4. She really does her own thing, doesn't she? And her parents were both big movie stars--she turned out remarkably normal, considering how superficial much of show business can be. I've always liked her, too.

    Hey, luvpurses, you have exactly 1000 posts, as I write this. Congrats!:flowers:
  5. I LOVED her in Freaky Friday!! Back then when L.Lo was innocent and cute!!!
  6. Wow! That's too bad, I think she is amazing.
  7. shes great!
  8. Good for her. Many can't walk away from it but she can.

  9. Thanks boxermom! So sweet of you to notice!:flowers: :yes:
  10. Good, I don't really like her. I think she's too judgemental.
  11. :sad: i like her too much ...