Jamie Cuaca on URBAN newspaper today

  1. My husband told me at work today that he read an article about Jamie Cuaca on today's URBAN newspaper. So, I told him to bring home the paper (I don't read newspaper much). Pic is attached. Sorry for the bad quality pic :push:

    Jamie Cuaca is an ex-SIA (singapore airlines) stewardess who married a rich indonesian businessman. She's chinese-indonesian based in Singapore. Avid H lover with lots of $$$ to burn. Also the woman who first brought Manolo Blahnik store to Southeast Asia :yes:

    Pls correct me any of the info above is not right :sweatdrop:
  2. she is beautiful!
  3. What's the style name of the H bag she carried?
  4. Lucky lady!
  5. Thanks for this article ilovelouisvuitton.
  6. IloveLV: I think it's the Plume - but not sure what size- it's either a 28 or 32?
  7. [​IMG]
    From LZ :smile: This is a 28cm Plume .. you think it's the same size?
  8. i've always read about her in tatler and she is gorgeous.
  9. She is! :heart: Not only is she very photogenic, she's very pretty in real life! :yes:

    Thanks for posting this article, ilovelv! :smile:
  10. Love seeing the article! Thank you for sharing with us!!
  11. That was fun! I love that white bag. I'd also love to know more about the cosmetic pouch, I can't quite place it. Thanks for posting this!
  12. ^^ That's an error. It's not a picture of an H cosmetic pouch. It's Cle De Peau Creamy Compact Foundation.
  13. Thanks Tricia! Mystery solved...:smile:
  14. ^^ You're welcome :smile:
  15. Thanks, tricia!