james 'tom' jeans and j brand questions

  1. 1) does anyone own a pair of james 'tom' jeans?

    i wanted to know what you thought about them

    are they true to size?
    how would the size compare to true religion johnny stretch, jbrand 14", paige or joe's jeans?

    can anyone help me? i can't find them in sydney and there's a pair that i like just by looking but not too sure about the fit etc...

    2) i am looking to buy 12" in jbrand.

    i have the 14"

    do they differ in terms of sizing. eg should i go up a size if i am buying the 12"

    thanks hopefully some of you girls here will be able to help me :shame:
  2. j brand question.

    well there's not much difference in the 12" or 14" except it's a lil bit tight on the calf to ankle part on the 12".
    if you're looking for a skinny effect, i'd prefer the 12" one. the 14" to me it's a lil bit straight *since i'm short probably*

    and about the sizing, try to get one size down *if you're a 26, get a 25* coz these jeans stretch out a lot after some wearing.

    hope that helps :smile:
  3. i have 14s in the jbrand and love them, so i tried the 12s and my calves were too big for them...
  4. kind of off topic, but both the james "tom" jeans and the jbrand 14 jeans are on sale for 50% off with free shipping at:

    Blue Roof Denim - Product Catalog

    personally, i own the 14 and i love them. i've tried the 12 and they're ok.

  5. ooooh tough decision
    why can't they stock 12" in australia
    tried on the 14" in black the other day
    was so quite tight around the leg
    i think 12" will be too tight...urghh...