James Perse tops

  1. I have several James Perse tops (bought all at the same time) and they are all darker colors including a black. After the first wash, they have been collecting lint, fuzz, pet hair.... pretty much anything you can imagine sticks to them b/c of the super fine, super soft cotten. I now have several $70+ glorified t-shirts in my closet that never get worn b/c they look horrible unless I lint roll them ever 10 minutes.
    Does anyone else have this problem? Have you found a solution?
  2. I have only one James Perse top, so I went and checked it out. It looks perfectly brand new. I bought mine at Nordstrom. If you did too, I would return yours and let them know you are not satisfied. Most other stores do not have the same customer focused return policy. However, many online shops do.
  3. Thanks ShoeAngel. I did buy mine at Nordy's as well...in Savvy to be exact. Nordy's is reallly good about their return policy...I guess it just didn't want to return them if I was doing something wrong. How long have you had yours? What color is your top?
  4. Hm, that's good to know. I love his tops because they're so soft but if that's what's going to happen to them after washing then I don't know if I want to buy them.
  5. I guess I actually have two. One is between a dark rose and burgundy (I don't know what to call that color...milky burgundy?), and the other is all white. I'm pretty sure they are both about a year old.

    I usually do not have problems with 100% cotton fabrics. It is usually when synthetics are blended in that I see a deterioration of fabric quality due to washing and drying.

    I definitely recommend taking your shirts back to Nordies. JP shirts are way to expensive not to be 100% happy with them.
  6. The same thing happened to me....had the same problem with Splendid tees. I think I'll stick with Banana Republic and JCrew.
  7. I had the same problem with my black James Perse one-shoulder top!
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  9. I have a couple of the slouchy necked tops in red and orange and a short sleeved version in white and haven't noticed this. I just use the high efficiency soap that's recommended for the washing machine we have and then dry them on very low heat and they seem to come out well. :yes:
  10. i have several tops from james perse. all white v necks though. sometimes i hand wash them and other times i put them in the washer as delicates so i haven't had the same problem
  11. I have a bunch of JP tops and haven't had that problem.
  12. i have never had this problem with his stuff... the problem i do have with them is that the super soft cotton gets holes in it after a fairly short time...