James Perse Orange County Sample Sale 2/26-3/1

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  1. Friday 2/26 to Monday 3/1 10am-7pm
    cash and credit card only
    men women and baby
    3444 Via Lido
    Newport Beach CA

    anyone been to this before? I am wondering:
    a) what the prices will be like
    b) if they will be replenishing througout the sale or if it is worth it to be there Friday for the best selection
  2. Went to the one in West LA a month or two back and it was really great. I ended up buying six or seven items. Some pieces were 33% off but most everything was at least 50% off retail, including things that are in stores currently. I went on a Saturday afternoon and there was still plenty of everything.
  3. ahertz did they have any maxi dresses? i've been looking for their tie dye maxi dresses.
    how much did you spend, what did you get and for how much? i missed the sale in LA and i was wondering if i should make the drive out to Orange County.
  4. There were a *few* maxi dresses, but not the tie-dyed ones. I think they were the v-neck version with the band around the waist.

    I don't remember how much I spent but I'm guessing around $200 for:
    two t-shirts
    button tank
    long sleeve t-shirt

    The robe was the most expensive at around $69.
  5. I went to one of their sample sales a few years back. Really great prices and good selection. ^^How do you find out about the LA one, ahertz? I used to be one their mailing list...I think that's how I find out before...but I didn't know about this past one...
  6. ^^ It was funny...I was at a TPF meet in Beverly Hills and one of the other women had just been that morning! I think I'm on the mailing list now, though. I think you need to order from their online store, not just their boutiques.
  7. Is there anybody going for the oc sale? I might go on friday after work and report back. I'm excited. I hope they have good items on sale.
  8. wish its in east coast
  9. Thanks for the info, ahertz!
  10. I love his t-shirts. im going to try to go on fri. I'll report back if i do...
  11. thanks for the feedback ahertz! for those who have been, were most of the things damaged ie little holes and stuff? I hate buying at sample sales and getting home and finding holes in everything once i wear it.
  12. ^^ No damaged items.
  13. ahertz, did you see the dress in my avatar? I have been searching for it for so long and a promising lead earlier this week didn't pan out.

    If anyone is willing to pick this one up for me if they see it (I will pay ALL fees - price, shipping, your gas etc.!!!) please PM me, I am soooo desperate.

    Does anyone have a phone number? If I could call them and find out if they have the dress I could Paypal someone *before* they go to pick it up for me.

    Oh dear. I want this dress so much! Argh!
  14. Hi there.. just thought I'd let you know my experience as well. I went to both JP sales - one in Hollywood and the one in Santa Monica. The Hollywood one wasn't good at all. Just average t-shirts, and some sweatpants - no real good clothing. The Santa Monica was much better... but I did buy damaged goods. I ended up buying a sweatshirt that sells for $135 for $10 bucks that had a hole in it -- but it was so tiny - who cares! that stuff will eventually get a hole in it anyway. And then I bought the deep v-neck double layer shirts that were just this past season for $15 each - retail was $155 or somewhere around there. But there weren't many of those amazing deals - you really had to dig.
  15. did anyone go?? what was there? did you see any maxi dresses??