James Perse Leggings??

  1. I have a pair and they are very comfortable. The material is soft, so I don't know how long they will hold up for. I honestly don't think they were worth the 89.00.

    I purchased a couple of pairs from Urban outfitters and they are still holding up after more than a year.
  2. Thanks for the info! I might hold off and see what I can find at the mall this weekend.

    By the way...Do they run true to size?
  3. They do... but they also stretch, so it was kinda a lose fit untill I washed them a couple of times.
  4. I love James Perse's line. I saw that on hautelook.com they are having a sample sale for this collection today and tomorrow. I can't wait. I love this site. They always have the best deals.
  5. I have a james perse tshirt that I love but when I tried to treat a spot it really pilled in that area. Anybody else have that problem? I just wouldnt want you to spend $89 on leggings if theyre gonna pill out. I bet theyre nice though. All their stuff is so flattering.
  6. Check eBay maybe there is a lower price there
  7. Not worth it IMO. I have a couple of JP tees, and they didn't hold up well.