james jeans sample sale

  1. has anyone gone to the james jeans sample sale? if so, was there anything good there? :smile:
  2. Oooh, I love James - I definitely find their pockets the most flattering. I wish the sale were near me! At least maybe this means there will be a lot of inventory on eBay soon that people bought at the sale.
  3. I went last year in LA -- it was great. I bought 6 pairs of jeans for $50 each.
  4. I'm going tonight...I'll let you know how it is!
  5. details? where/when thanks!
  6. so did anyone go? how was it??
  7. I went this morning. It is TOTALLY worth it! I was literally the only one in there...and there are SO many jeans. They have it all organized by style and size...so its more than easy to find everything. I bought a skinny "one of a kind sample" for $50, a regular pair for $90 and a hot pair of brown cords for $65. They have so much to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something. They also have capris, shorts, skirts, white jeans, and everything in between. And the girls are really nice!! The one girl begged me to tell people b/c they have so much inventory.

    500 Greenwich Street btwn Spring and Canal. I think its over at 7pm tonight.