James Jeans @ Costco - Size 24 only

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  1. Saw them today for $22! They only had size 24. Unfortunately, I can probably only get 1 leg into them, but I thought some of you smaller tPF members might be interested. I don't remember the style name, but they looked like a boot cut. They were a medium, slightly worn looking wash.
  2. ^^ Are they in a local store or online? I didn't see any of them online...if they are in the local store, can you please suggest the location? Different Costco local stores carry slightly different stuff...thanks!
  3. I saw some at the Hawthorne, CA store the other day. But at regular Costco price $69.99 probably because they had many of them. Fountain Valley, CA had Paige's for $119.99.
  4. I saw these at the Costco in San Diego on Morena Blvd. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the $22 price - but as mentioned, they only had size 24. I didn't see any Paige's there.