James Bond

  1. Spill it ladies, who's the real James Bond, the man with the license to kill? For me, Sean Connery. No other can even remotely challenge his looks, charme, humor and wit. Pierce Brosnan seemed to improve towards his later movies, the beginning was a catastrophe. And now I am really worried about the new Bond, I would have much rather seen Clive Owen as the new Bond.
  2. Sean Connery IS the quintessential Bond! George Lazenby? was a joke.
  3. hehehe, i agree, after seeing Clive Owen in Inside man, i think he can pull the Bond role. I also think Kiefer Sutherland from 24 is good for the role. heheheh.
  4. I :love: Sean Connery! So I'll go with him even tho I've only watched about three of the Bond movies. ;)
  5. George Clooney would be a good Bond for me and Denzel. :love:

    OK. lets see, mmm yes, I think Sean Connery is the best so far.
  6. I DO think Sean is the super hot then and now... He wins for me!

    Here's a funny story...

    A few Christmas' ago, I took my best friend's kids to Legoland. They had a Military appreciation day and a Christmas program. At 5pm, it was known that Santa was flying in. So around 4pm, they made the announcement around the park. Everyone gathered around the Lego Christmas tree in front. There were no seats so all the moms and I pushed to get as close as possible for the kids. We had to sit on the ground. It got cold and around 5pm, of course Santa was not there yet. ALL the kids were fidgety. The husbands stood in back with all the stollers while the women had all their children in their laps (I had two). It was WAY too long for the kids to wait. Finally Santa shows up around 5:30. The kids were all perked up and really excited to see Santa. All the moms are helping to try to make it more "fun" by poking the kids and saying "wow, look at that" or "did you hear that?" But honestly, all the moms just wanted it to end. Remember we were sitting indian style on the ground. A few arms were extended up to take photos of Santa. Maybe like 20-25 out of over 100s. Our laps were numb and we were all freezing. Santa went on and on and people started to leave.


    Pierce Brosnan showed up... BAM! ALL THE CAMERAS WERE UP IN THE AIR. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap!! It was blinding for about a minute there! :smile:

    All the moms gasped when he popped out. We all threw the kids off our laps jumped up and ran towards the front. It was funny. All the kids were like "hey?!" We were like "DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS? THAT IS 007! Oh, forget it, go find your dad!" The kids were lost since they are so short when we stood up. The event that was for the kids ended up being worthwhile for us "mommies" too. I will have to see if I have to pic to show you (my computer crashed and I don't know if it was one we saved). :smile: So though Pierce is no Sean, he does have a special place in my heart since I was able to see him up close (I was right next to him!!)
  7. Sean, Sean , Sean! And I agree about George Clooney, he could have made a great Bond, had he only been english...
  8. Sean Connery, without a doubt! I wasn't too keen on Daniel Craig being named the new Bond, but I saw him in Layer Cake a couple of months ago and I really like him. I don't think he's the best choice for the new Bond, though. Clive Owen would be great :nuts: He was awesome in Sin City and Closer.
  9. Definitely Sean. Too bad he's such an ass of a man. I will never forget a Barbara Walters interview where he said that women were meant to serve men, and that it's OK to backhand them when they need it.
  10. Sean Connery is James Bond. I do agree, though, Clive Owen would make a fabulous James Bond. That man is so sexy.
  11. gotta be sean! no doubt
  12. Clive Owen would be awesome! I LOVE that man!! :huh:oh that accent...hehehe *swoons*

  13. Clive Owen is YUMMY! Give me an hour alone with that man!!!

  14. Sean Connery.
  15. I love that new guy! He's hotter than hell! He was very sexy in Layer Cake.