James Blunt video

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  1. Has anybody seen the James Blunt video "you're beautiful"? Does anybody get the ending? Why is he taking off his clothes in the snow to jump into a river?
  2. HAHAHAHA you just made me laugh really hard...

    I thought the exact same thing!
  3. Glad I could make your laugh!:lol:

    Every time I see that video I think "cute guy"," bittersweet song" and "WTF?!"
  4. Yeah I love the song, but im confused by the video too !!! (maybe he needed to cool down )
  5. from his voice i thought he was some middle-aged guy.......saw the video....what a hottie :shame:
  6. Wikipedia says that the song/video are hinting at suicide... Maybe that's why he jumps into the icy water?
  7. Dang if I tried to jump into freezing water everytime I saw a hot stranger I'd be dead 100x over by now. :Push:
  8. I had never seen the video, and this whole time I've been picturing someone that looked like Maurice Gibbs from the BeeGees!
  9. I didn't know you could use wikipedia for interpretation of music videos!

    I thought that might be the case, but there was such a furor over that Britney Spears video where she may be attempting suicide, I was suprised no such commentary on this video.
  10. :amuse: You and me both!

  11. I did a google search, they were the one site that had a specific comment on his music, lol.

  12. I think he wanted to kill himself, since he couldn't be with the girl .. that he's singing about in the song.
  13. I also heard he was inspired to write it after seeing his old GF with another man (not that it made him suicidal...).

    Yes, looks like suicide to me, which makes me sad cuz while watching the video I just want to give him a warm blankie, mug of cocoa, crackling fire and moi! (sssshhhh, don't tell DH!)
  14. I can tell ya....the story behind 'Beautiful' is that he saw his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend on the subway, she had left him some time before and he was finding it hard to get over the break up - hence the lyrics 'it's time to face the truth, i'll never be with you'
    Based on true life, so i hear!

    My OH is friends with, and works occasionally with JB's auntie, The OH managed to grab a VIP guest ticket to a JB concert last year, and i couldn't go cos i had to BABYSIT:blink:
    Anyway, JB is off promoting his album right now and won't be back until July (ish).:P

    I can try and find out what the water part in the video is for? I would assume it's just part of the video and he's kinda giving up on the fact that he won't ever be with the girl he once loved?
  15. ^ I watched him on Oprah and heard his story- the lyrics are great. It is just the video concept that is weird!