Jamba Juice

  1. I am a huge fan of Jamba Juice. It is getting very big. It is pretty healthy and there is no sugar added. What do you think?
  2. Jamba juice is good for an on the go meal. There are tons of calories in one but still a healthy alternative to most other places.
  3. There are tons of calories but the all fruit one are much less. and they also have the enlightened ones.
  4. I like some of them a lot. . . but I can't drink my meal :sad: so I still have to find something to chew on if I try to use it as a meal replacement.
  5. It's good stuff as a snack.
  6. ^^ I agree. It kinda fills you up but not enough to replace an actual meal
  7. I think only a few is low calories and usually when you order regular/larger size it is 600+ calories!

    Hey Minnie, did anyone ever tell you look like the brunette version of Mary Kate/ Asley Olsen?
  8. Way too many calories, but at least you get some fruit servings in a drink.
  9. I love Jamba!! I could live on it. I use the regular size for a lunch. I dont need anything else!
  10. i used to have jamba for lunch every day! i'd get an enlightened smoothie + low fat cookie (the ones they sell at the store).
  11. I used to do Jamba juice a lot but stopped and decided to make my own smoothies as I thought there was too much sugar in their drinks. Which one's do you get that have no sugar added? Because I know I scanned their whole website to find a drink that just had fruit and 100% juice or milk but couldn't find one...but they are very yum!
  12. havanese wht smoothies do make yourself and what do you ad?
  13. Well there are sugars in it. I love jamba juice. I used to goto the first ones back in cali before they became so popular. I'm a fan of the freshly squeezed carrot juice and the wheatgrass shots.. (i :heart: wheatgrass)...

    The smoothies are refreshing but they are PACKED in w/ lots of CARBS and fruit (which has a lot of SUGAR).

    nevertheless, i'll still drink one!!!
  14. Hehe, I think she looks like Sasha Cohen, the ice skater!
  15. Haha i guess i am a petite girl like them.