Jamba Juice Warning!

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  1. Yikes! :wtf:
  2. Wow. That's awful. Is it weird that I'm craving Jamba Juice now though?
  3. that is awful! wow nerdphanie you crack me up! :yes:
  4. me too.. i woudl like a smoothie.. mmmm
  5. yea that's been out for a while now (note their site says the release date of dec 04). my coworkers know what a big fan i am of jj, and told me the instant they saw me, "NO JAMBA TODAY!!!"... that was like.. last wednesday! haha.

    the only thing i drink at JJ is the Orange Dream Machine. drooool.
  6. Shouldn't they be testing for this 'Listeria...' thing before they ship the strawberries out??
  7. WOW! Thats crazy i've never had Jamba Juice and now i dont think i will try it.
  8. i bet they just do random testing instead of testing every shipment, so when they found a randomly tested batch to be contaminated with listeria, all the recent non-tested batches that had already been shipped came under question. i don't think it's logistically possible to test everything, that's why that spinach recall happened.
  9. It was only a couple regions. Norcal is still safe! :]
  10. Oh ok seriously, I remember a couple of weeks ago had Jamba, and thrn my stomach stared hurting a lot. Then I suffered headaches! Good thing I went to the doctors for the flu shot, and he said nothing was wrong.
  11. wow..thank you for sharing..gotta spread this around
  12. omg good thing i havent been to jamba in months but i used to go every day for lunch and have a strawberry nirvana! i'm in socal too!
  13. Oh jeeze!
  14. Wow - I'm gonna have to stay from them for awhile...