Jamba Juice Free Smoothie Coupon Question?

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  1. I'm having a really bad day today, because a Jamba Juice employee gave me a big "lecture" earlier.
    Here is the story. I bought the jamba juice free smoothie gift card from ebay.com, looks like this - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie... I used 5 of the cards, and they're perfectly fine. So today, I went to a jamba juice, i used to the card to get a free smoothie, and that lady was so mean to me. she's like " this is counterfeit card, where did u get it?" so i told her i got it from ebay, and i was quite polite at first. then she's like " she should stop using this, and stop buyin this, because they are counterfeit, you'll get arrested." first of all, i didnt know they're fake and i dont think they're fake because i've been using this for a while. then i asked the lady if i can get the card back and i'll pay for the drink. and she's like "no u can't. the card is mine now." then i was like WTF. of course i didnt say that. but she kept lecturing me about using fake cards. so i paid for my drink then i step aside to wait for my drink. a little later, my friends came, and i told them wat had happend. they smile, then the lady was like "y r u smiling? do u think using counterfeit cards are funny?" and my friends were like, WTF, we werent smiling because of that.

    I'm so pissed off right now, im thinking about complaining about her attitude. I mean if the card is fake, and she talks to me nicely, i would be like, oh my fault. but wat's bothering me is her attitude. PLUS, i really don't think the card is fake.
  2. I would speak to someone higher up. Her attitude was highly uncalled for. She could have definitely explained things to you in a nicer tone. And the fact that she flipped just cause your friend was smiling, she needs a talking to.
    Thats bad customer service and could cost that JJ location customers, cause no one will want to put up with her attitude.
  3. The manager wasn't there today. But I have emailed Jamba Juice about this.
  4. I hate when people act like the money for the free smoothie (or whatever the coupon is for) is coming out of THEIR pocket. Just STFU and give me the dang smoothie!

    Aside from that, you need to speak to someone higher up. She was very, VERY rude and her attitude was uncalled for. Ugh, I hate people like that.

    ETA: Did you get the girls name?
  5. Exactly! Why can't she just give me my freaking smoothie! Yes, I got her name. Her name is Joy. She's a mid-age lady.
  6. Her actions as an employee are disrespectful to customers. Just contact corporate and they'll take care of it.

    I don't think she has legal right to confiscate your card. I understand that it may be fake, but I don't think she has the right to confiscate it. Doesn't sound right to me (but I could be wrong).
  7. Sheesh. I swear, where in the world has customer service gone? Yes, you should definitely let the manager know how she treated you - it was unacceptable.
  8. ITA.. I cannot believe how rude she was. Let us know what they said when they reply to your email. Good luck.
  9. Whoa, she should have been way more polite. If she didn't know if it was for sure a counterfeit, she should have asked a manager. At my old job, if someone was using counterfeit money or coupons, we didnt give it back to them. We were told by management to keep it, just in case it was used again. So thats maybe why she kept your card?
  10. She should have been nicer about it, but at the time she probably assumed you were trying to scam the store and your friend thought it was funny. It's always risky to buy things like that since you never know what your getting. I would def call the manager and explain, then maybe take the rest of your cards in and ask him to verify them, if they are fake then you can take them up with ebay and the seller.
  11. Crazy! I will report her to the supervisor if I were you. It's not like you deliberately try to scam them plus you offer to pay, what's with the attitude? (especially the "y r u smiling" part, so what? mind her own business!)