Jake Gyllenhaal's new girlfriend...

  1. OH MY GOD.....
    Jake's dating a snowboarder named Gretchen Bleiler,
    I'm really curious what the girl looks like...
    a girl like Kirsten Dunst maybe....



    source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. I've heard of this, Jake is like the male version of Beyonce. :roflmfao:
    (as in, he dates "beneath" his level, like Beyonce with Jay-Z)

    as long as they are happy, more power to them.

  3. thats one lucky lady :biggrin:
    he is devine :smile:
  4. Lol that just made me laugh. So true........
  5. i think she's pretty and not an actress...maybe this relationship will work out in hollywood.
  6. Only in Hollywood terms is she beneath his level... In snowboarding, she's pretty famous.
  7. I meant when it comes to looks. :biggrin: And he dated Kristen Dunst too, ewwww.

    Gosh, I feel bad now...but he does have bad taste in women. :shame:
  8. From that pic, it looks like she is prettier than kirsten dunst. But kirsten dunst is not hard to beat in the looks department, in my opinion
  9. I second that :shame:

    Whats going on with his eye brows though?
  10. devoted, that is so the truth. I never though Kirsten was pretty but I also don't think Kate Moss is either but that's a different subject. Girls don't hate me cause I said it! sorry to those who think she's gorgeous, it's just my opinion.
  11. agree to that.....
    anyway, I've always believed in the system of balance.....
    hot people destined to not-hot people ..... :smile:
  12. I bet it will work out :smile:
  13. i think she's cute - very natural looking, and obviously very disciplined to be such a great snowboarder. i find kirsten dunst very annoying, but i love jake, so i'm really glad that he's apparently trying it with someone pretty normal. he seems like a normal guy to me, ya know?
  14. she was the superstar snowboarder for the US team in freestyle boarding. shes really good and cute. i think they'll be cute together.