jaime pressly

  1. I always confuse her with "that other girl".... can't think of it now...

    Did she always have boobs? Why did I think she was flat chested all this time?

    From Maxim Magazine
  2. i think i know what u mean, i get her confused with another actress as well, there's like two of them out there but with different names...yes i thought she was flat chested as well but we might be thinking about the other girl????? :hrmm:
  3. Tara Reid?
  4. I can't see your photo{?}
    She's a teeny little thing though, she probbly got implants. . . but I can't see the photo you're referring to.
  5. Sadly, I have heard Jaime Pressly is a nightmare of a person. She's great on My Name Is Earl, though.
  6. I always get her confused with Jamie King from Lone Star State of Mind-that movie with Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek. Is that who you mean?
  7. Details!
  8. I can't see the orig. pic you posted either.

    You have to be careful with TeddyandMoo pics. Sometimes they don't show up after a while. Save them to your hard drive a attatch them and they should show by doing it that way.
  9. I've just heard that she goes through personal assistants really quickly, and that's never a good sign!
  10. I can never, ever see pics from them.:Push:
  11. Yes that's the other girl Jamie King. I get those two mixed up all the time.
  12. I know! They have the same name, they look so much alike, and they play similar roles!
  13. This is Jaime King if anyones never seen her before.


    They sure do look simliar!


    But I actually think Jaime Pressly is prettier. lol Maybe you thought she was flat chested because shes so skinny?
  14. From the photo and from seeing Jaime Pressley on Donny Deutsch last night, I think the King girl is sweeter looking - Jaime Pressley is totally full of herself and definitly has implants - why not?
  15. I think she's a bit tacky, but maybe that's how she's been typecast in her roles. Her shoot in In Style this month was nice, though.