Jaime Pressly Shows Off Her Rock !!

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    [​IMG]Sorry guys but Jaime Pressly's about to be off the market for good.

    The "My Name is Earl" stunner announced her engagement to boyfriend DJ Eric Cubiche, who popped the question over the weekend. Pressly tells "EXTRA" what Eric said during the proposal. "I picked this thing up the other day and I wasn't sure if it would fit or not, so I went 'oh let me see' and I went 'Oooooohhh!' and I freaked out ... it fit perfectly."

    Though the proposal came as a surprise, the two designed the ring a while back and the setting was less-than-romantic. "We've been really good friends for nine years, it wasn't the huge candlelit dinner thing," says Pressly. "It's not really me anyway, I'm more practical."
  2. Beautiful ring!
  3. gorgeous absouletly gorgeous :yes:
  4. So fab. I like her tons.
  5. her ring is beautiful!
  6. I love her on My Name is Earl. Congrats to her and her fiance! The ring is beautiful!
  7. Gorgeous! The ring is so unusual. Loves It!
    Thanks for posting.
  8. Oh so pretty!
  9. very unique
  10. Beautiful!
  11. Very nice! I love her in My Name is Earl.