jaijai1012 and LO's HG Reveal

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  1. Ok, maybe it's not the baby's HG but as some of you know he's my super awesome helper :smile:
    It actually arrived yesterday morning but with a future track star running around the house, it sure takes a toll on me. LoL
    I took pics as we were opening everything.....
  2. Anyone interested to see? :smile:
  3. Me me me!
  4. I'm Here!
  5. I am here!
  6. Yay! Right after I posted I just realized how late it was (it's after 11pm here) so I thought I was the only one here :giggles:
  7. Ok we got the package...it's from Japan! (Hint hint) ;)

  8. He was really good at helping me open it :smile:
  9. Sorry I don't know why the app is only letting me insert one pic at a time, I'll try to go fast
  10. image-3864215251.jpg
  11. image-1607994563.jpg
  12. image-724598159.jpg
  13. omg he is such a cute little helper =)
  14. Introducing my ultimate HG, the watercolor speedy 30

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