jaguar owners and LV

  1. anyone know if there is a link between jaguar and Lv?
    im asking because my dad just got the new jaguar owners accessories catalogue and the luggage used to illustrate the luggage holders is LV (several alzers and a trouville).
    i will try to scan it and post pics tomorrow.
  2. I don't think there is any connection. Perhaps they just picked some nice, high end luggage to go with the nice, high end car.
  3. thats what i thought. they all have the most amazing honey pattina.
  4. OT: i love jaguars!
  5. there was a TV advert recently too for Jag I think and they had LV luggae on the backseat of the car, I don't know what piece it was but I can spot that canvas a mile off
  6. bleh not me. cool if they used LV but i hate jaguar. had bad experience first hand, and i hate my dad's other car now too. but st. regis used to use LV in their pics on their website (for the one in nyc at least) and hotel elysee does too.
  7. tell me about it. the car is only a year old and is in having a new clutch fitted. my dad is not happy.
  8. yeah, AKA not worth it. the car i'm talking about -- it was 3 years old, on lease and going back in a month...the freaking transmission went while IIIIII was driving it and about an hour from home. me of all people, i never drove that car, only if i had to cuz of snow. so we were trapped into getting another car from that dealership so we wouldn't have to pay $3000 for the transmission since the warrenty was up. absolutely ridiculous. not only that but the ROOF LEAKED -- through the light on the ceiling! so now we're stuck with another one and i hate that car.
  9. Oh geez....I have a Jaguar. Hope I don't run into any troubles. I've had it for 2 years now...nothing so far. It'd be my luck though.