Jaguar cub gives rare black mother a playful bite . . .

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  1. during first public appearance

    They may not look related, but this is Lolo, a rare black jaguar playing happy families with her recently born cub.
    And from the resigned look on Lolo's face it isn't the first time her lively youngster has tried to cut his teeth on her ear.
    Jaguars are usually spotted, to help them blend in with jungle surroundings, but around 6 per cent have a condition known as melanism which means they are entirely black.

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  2. Aww, cute article. Lolo's cub is so adorable, but she's a gorgeous black panther. They're both so beautiful.
  3. The look on mama's face in the first pic says it all.
  4. Awwwww.
  5. So pretty I love them.
  6. lol Beautiful pictures. Poor mama is like, "Help meeee!" :lol:
  7. soooooo cute!
  8. That cub is so freaking adorable!!!
  9. sooo cute. i want to adopt one.
  10. love those spots on the baby!!! :smile:
  11. Super sweet and so cute!
  12. Remember that scene in The Lion King where a young Simba was trying to wake Mufasa up?

    "Dad? Dad? Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad . . . "

    The first picture kind of reminds me of that.