Jag's Homework Assignment for all of you!

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  1. Ok, we have a lot of work ahead of us ladies, and it is going to be a collective effort.

    First, now that LP's site is gone, I need us all to put our heads together and make a list of the color's by season and if you can, post random pictures in this thread so that I can take them, and make a cohesive reference thread.

    Second, we need as much information about tags, bales, rivets, etc. for a permanent PF reference.

    The only way this is going to work, is if we do it together! So, please, share your knowledge with me so we can have the best reference section.:tup:
  2. Sorry Jag I can't remember all the colors
    but here is my small contribution

    Some colors by seasons + pics...

    Spring Summer 2006
    Cornflower / Bleuet First
    Emerald / Emeraude First
    Ink / Encre Work

    Fall 2006
    Fire Engine Red / Rouge Vif City
    Truffle / Truffe Day

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  3. Actually, as of last week, I had collected photos of bags from each season that represent each color. Is there a way I can send it to you?

  4. OMG! YOU ROCK! I am PM'ing you with my email address. Or, if you like, I can open a thread i the reference section and you can post them?
  5. Some more :

    Fall 2006
    Black City
    Grenat Work
    Blue India Mid Afternoon

    Spring / Summer 2007
    Anthracite Weekender

    Fall 2005
    Magenta First

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  6. jag - will send you my informations and pictures by email ;):yes:
  7. A HUGE giant shout out to both Cracker, Firstclass1 and From Paris! You really just paved the way for all of us!

    Thank you so much ladies!

    Please, everyone, keep those pics coming. I am going to be starting some more reference threads for everyone to contribute to. So please help me make this an excellent reference section!
  8. Here is a small contribution: 05 Rouge Theater; 07 Anthracite; 07 French Blue; 06 Blueberry. I have a calcaire from 05 that I will try to take pics of today if the sun comes out.

    IMG_0703.jpg IMG_0720.jpg IMG_0767.jpg IMG_0698.jpg
  9. Ink Twiggy
    Black Day 05
    Apple Green City
    Bordeaux City 05 (bottom bag)
    Blue India First

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  10. okay here's my contribution 03 black first pewter hardware,04 seafoam with pewter hardware, and 04 marron first brass hardware.

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  11. You are welcome Jag:heart: !!!
    I'm glad to offer you a small contribution to the great work you are doing for us:tup:!!!

    I also have pdf files from Aloha and LVR
    => so a lot of info in styles / colors / price etc...but I can't post them here:sad:...please pm me and I'll be glad to send the files to you.
  12. Ladies, I really appreciate all of these pictures! This is going to be great! Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!
  13. no problem. glad I could help..........all that info was just sitting on my deskup waiting to be used. :smile:
  14. Greige Twiggy
    Rouge Theatre City
    Vert Gazon Twiggy
    Vermillion GH City
    Eggplant Twiggy

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  15. Pumpkin Twiggy 05
    Calcair Day
    Sky Blue Twiggy

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