jag!!! did you get your Chanel Kelly yet????

  1. wanna see pics of you carrying her!!! :p
  2. Hello! I am picking it up on Friday- was trying to go yesterday, but my son had other plans for me. SO I promise to post a ton of pics wearing the bag and of the bag itself! I am so excited though I can hardly wait!:yahoo:
  3. :yahoo:can't wait!
  4. Thanks Swanky! I can't either! I was tempted to send someone there for me to pick it up tonight, but I have to be the one! I swear, I have not been this excited to pick up a bag in ages! And it is my first Chanel!
  5. :drool: sounds yummi!!!!!!!
  6. I couldn't wait for you :p ... I called NM today to have one shipped :shame:
  7. Which one did you get jag?

    I ordered the Large Caviar w/GH :shame:

    The SF Chanel had the small caviar and lambskin w/SH still available, if anyone is interested :heart:
  8. ERvie!!!
    You brat! LOL Post pictures. I love mine so much I think I want it in GH! LOL

  9. OH GOODIE!!! Yahooooooo!! I cant wait to see pics of your beautiful new Chanel Jillybean! You deserve it!!
  10. Can't wait to see pictures. =)
  11. I am always a day late and a dollar short!!! I would have loved it in the Silver hardware :sad:

    I will def. post pics as soon as I get it :smile: :heart:
  12. Oh dont beat yourself up. The gold is FABULOUS! I would have been happy to have either. I have a gold hw jumbo flap so the silver is good for me, but both are equally beautiful.

    Ervie, I opened the box today, put my crap in it and headed out the door! LOL I couldnt wait to wear it!

  13. I just ordered the Large Caviar with Silver HW from NM and I also ordered the Small Lambskin with Silver HW ... wasn't sure which size I want! :p

    Would you like me to let you know if I return the Large one?
    It will go back to NM in Chicago ...
  14. LOL all the SAs must be like "what the heck is going on with the kellys! "
  15. ^^^ They are! My SA was cracking up- I think she has received a few calls about them recently!

    thanks MFT!!! Cannot wait!!!

    Queenvictoria- you are too funny! I am so excited for you too! I ordered the small black lambskin with SH. I hope I love it when I see it, or I am going to be scouring the Earth to find a caviar kelly! LOL!!!!

    Everyone has to post pics of their Kellys when they get them! I love this!