Jaeniver's collection

  1. Your Alma bag in black is gorgeous
  2. I like your LV collection!
  3. Love your collection! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  4. amazing.......:woohoo:
  5. Thank you! I also love the combo of the the Tapage and my Artsy :heart:

    Thank you! The color is called Amarante and it's actually a very deep burgundy color. The bag changes color in different lightning.

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you! :lol:
  6. Love this piece :cloud9:


  7. :love::love::love:
  8. Alma GM Epi Electric Noir :hbeat:
    gorgeusepi.jpg epilock.jpg epimadein.jpg epitapage3.jpg asuepi3.jpg asuepi2.jpg
  9. love the scarves. very cozy and sweet! thanks for sharing
  10. Nice collection. How is the quality of Mulberry scarf (let us say, compare to Burberry)?

  11. i definetely love your burberry manor! its so chic and gorgeous!!!
  12. now, epi leather i love,but electric?10000X more love!!! nice pairing with the silver skirt!
  13. Hi there! I think Mulberry scarfs are about the same quality as Burberry scarfs :smile:
  14. Thank you so much! :smile: :smile:
  15. Awesome alma!! What a diverse collection!