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  1. Hey these are the bags that I own that I :heart:.. Im getting a speedy on thursday,and my mom is getting a orange epi jasmine that im going to steal to post =)

    I didnt post my coach wristlet..because its crap =)
  2. Yay, thanks for posting. And next time, you only need to post one thread... ;)
  3. Love your bags. I have a hampton satchel in tan that I just love!
  4. Nice collection. Can't wait to see photos of the jasmin :biggrin:
  5. I like the large mini signature hobo, very cute !
  6. [​IMG]

    I never put it in! i double posted my Bulonge =)
  7. Great bags!
  8. Cute bags! Thanks for sharing!
  9. You have a nice collection! Thanks for posting pics!
  10. Cute! I like them.
  11. i have the same mini sig hobo large. :smile: yay for your new speedy! :smile:
  12. Nice collection.
    I like the Coach Hampton Sachel!!! It looks like you would get a lot of use out of it.
  13. I like the black Coach hampton satchel. Am thinking of getting it in mohagany color when it comes to the outlet.
  14. I like the black big Coach bag a lot!
  15. I ended up getting a speedy 25. I feel its the right size,also the 30 was a bit big for me right now.


    My mom ended up getting a epi jasmine in black,because they were out of orange ill post it tommorow when she goes to work :heart: