J'adore mon papillon

  1. FYI, I hate uploading pictures (I have a slow internet connection and I hate taking the time to take pictures). However, I love my papillon. I didn't think I would like this style; it's been only 4.5 days since I received it but I love it already. It's so darn cute and different from the contemporary style (which uses vachetta). Here are some pictures (I wanted to be creative in the last one ;) ). Maybe not the most exciting compared to everyone else's purchases, but I'd like to share (since everybody else has shared).

    What a nice way to pass time since I sent my bucket out for repairs...thanks for the suggestion to get a new bag! I have other bags to keep me company, but it just didn't seem right without one of my favorites. :sad:

    Sorry for everyone who had to deal with my papillon dilemma last week! This will be the last, I promise. :shame:
    pu1.jpg pu2.jpg pu3.jpg
  2. I am contemplating on getting a papillon, but am worried about how much stuff it will hold. Any thoughts on that? And congrats on your great bag! :yahoo:
  3. So cute! Enjoy!
  4. Congrats. Enjoy your new bag.
  5. Congrat's on the new bag, Enjoy!!
  6. Thanks, everyone!

    It actually holds a lot, believe it or not. I was a little concerned myself since it's a rolled style, but I can fit a small book, some papers, a wallet, makeup, my cell...the list goes on. Of course, you can't fit big things like a binder, but I guess it's a good bag when you want to go out shopping.
  7. Congrats on the bag!
    This is kind of Off topic but do you collect Ty beanies?I have tons of them and I love them!
  8. I used to! LOL. I have a ton as well, but I kinda want to sell them, though...I'm still keeping my favorites (such as Bumble, Lefty, Seamore, and Chops). I also bought/sold/traded before; I've met some really nice and interesting people. I have been through so many collecting phases (first cards, then stamps, then beanies, and finally handbags); I think I get it from my dad (who's really into numismatics). A lot of people can't believe some of my hobbies; a lot of my friends least expected it from me when they first meet me.

    Even though I've said I stopped, whenever I see a lone cute one at Hallmark, I'll pick it up. :love:
  9. Niiiiice patina!
  10. congrats..I'm happy for you
  11. Wow! You are just like me! I collect stamps, handbags, cards, Le Crueset pots , tsesubins, yankee candles etc..!! Now I am obsesses with LV and my husband said better find a cheaper things to collect!! But I got lots of beanies and thinking of selling some of them but who would buy them! At the moment I have a beanie room and they all nicely displayed and it always amazed new visitors to my house. Even my piano tuner took pictures of them ! Just like you i have stopped collecting but I still pick a bear or two.

    Well I just have to find some other means to buy my LV bags.:smile:
  12. congratulations! ohhhh how was your GRE by the way?
  13. Again, thanks for the comments! :love:

    Wow, didn't think I'd meet someone who had almost the exact same interests as I did! One of the main things that got me into LV was its collectible value...I'm not into designer clothes/shoes since I don't really have the money for it and I don't get any satisfaction out of it like I do with handbags (I also tend to change my clothes and shoes A LOT, so I don't find clothes/shoes as a good investment). And I'm always up for something that's classy and timeless :supacool: . But anyway, you're right, the beanie baby market is really bad right now (and I don't see it improving in the near future), but I would rather give them away to someone who will enjoy them than let them sit in the shelves (and trust me, I have shelves and shelves of them!). I also have a couple of vintage attic treasures that I still adore (I'm definitely NOT letting go of those).

    Thanks for remembering. Let's put it this way...it went REALLY well. ;)
  14. That is a gorgeous pappillon! Enjoy! Good choice:yes: .
  15. Congrats!