"Jadore Dior" T-Shirt?

  1. Does anyone know where I can get the "Jadore Dior" T-shirt. It is soo cute!! Has anyone seen them anywhere or in the Dior outlets? Do Dior Outlets carry alot of their t-shirts? How much do they go for? I don't know much about Dior so I don't know what season this is from. I believe I've seen Nicole Richie and a girl from My Super Sweet Sixteen wearing it. The closest to me is the one in Cabazon. I'm planning to go there this weekend.
  2. It has launched many years I think. I have no idea about it. Anyway, they are some new Dior T. in outlets here in UK and price is roughly around $100
  3. Check the outlets!
  4. and u can always try and convince the seller to send abroad...:yes:
  5. yeah i'd check the outlets or online somewhere...not too sure about eBay? i've seen a lot of fakes. i have the dark green jadore dior sleeveless tee and my Mom got it for me from Paris--- but that was about 3-4 years ago!