J'Adior Slingback Pumps Sizing

  1. Dear J'Adior slingback owners, I'm very new in Dior shoe-world and recently I've been looking into getting the J'Adior slingback pumps. I really appreciate some help on the sizing of these 3 below.

    For your reference, I wear sz 35 in all Valentino rockstud pumps (100mm and 65mm - 1 pair of my 65mm runs about 1/2 sz large on me). Chanel sz 35 slingbacks run a bit too big on me (i had to wear 2 insoles) and the sling is too loose, so I think I may be a sz 34.5 or even 34 for Chanel. I wear 35 in Louboutin patent Pigalle 85mm.

    Also, are there differences between the 100mm and 65m Dior slingbacks?

    Thanks so much!!!!


    upload_2017-7-7_20-27-41.png upload_2017-7-7_20-28-3.png
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  2. I own the 65mm Dior and I took half size down from my usual size because on youtube a girl says the ribbon can slide down if the shoes are too big for your feet. It is quite uncomfortable but I think it's because I took the patent leather. With the new lambskin I think it would be fine. So I think if you get the lambskin, get half size down. If you get patent, get your true size.
    I am size 36.5 in Louboutin Neoalto, took 36 in Dior.
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  3. I am a size 35 in most designer brands. For me the Diors are true to size (tts) but I got the tulle version which does not have any give. Probably I can do half a size smaller if it were lambskin. For the sneakers, I have to go down half a size ie 35.5 because I have skinny feet overall. If your feet are normal or fleshier it's probably TTS
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  4. I just recently bought the dior slingback in the black fabric version in size 35.5. It is quite true to size but I think I can also go half size bigger. I usually wear 5.5 in chanel and ferragamo. If you are a 5 I think size 35 should be ok
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  5. I'm a size 39 in Valentino rockstud kitten heels and a size 39 in the 2016/2017 Chanel two-tone slingbacks (with a thin insole). When I tried on the 65m Dior slingbacks you have pictured, I was also a 39. Hope that helps a little with your decision!
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  6. Thanks so much ladies for helping!!! Im getting close..my personal shopper is going to the store soon..getting nervous. Tbh im ok with a bit tighter shoes than too big (which tends to happen to me a lot ><)
    Will keep you posted!!
  7. Hi everyone, I've got an update: my PS found a sz 34.5 in fabric and 35 in patent leather both in kitten heels -my preferred style. Now I don't know if I should go for 34.5 to be sure or 35 but risk the sling slipping off again like my Chanel ones. decisions...
  8. I usually wear Dior shoes in 34-35, 34 mostly. I got the fabric in 34. The toebox is a little tight but the slingback stays in place nicely. I think half a size up would not be as good. The Chanel slingbacks I got it in 35, and it was way too big, only wore it once.
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  9. thank you!! I've got the 34.5 reserved for me..hopefully will be on their way to me within the next couple of weeks. the Chanel slingback sz 35 length-wise fit me ok, but the slings keep sliding down which annoys me too. I had to wear 2 pads of insoles for each shoe lol
  10. Exactly with the Chanel ones, length fits fine, just the problem with the slingbacks. Let's hope 34.5 is the right size for you:angel:
  11. Ohhh...fingers crossed!!! I forgot to me tion theyre in patent.

    By the way may I ask if you own any Chanel ballerina flats? Since we have really similar sizing, i wonder what size fit you in their lambskin and patent flats?
  12. Nah, I don't have their ballerina flats. I wear their loafers consistently in 35, leather or fabric. Pumps in 35 too.
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  13. I think we're the same size :smile:
    And yesterday I tried the J'aDior pumps, kitten heels and flats, all in patent navy, 34.5 was the best fit for me. I also tried another pair of slingback pumps, the Obsesse-D if I remember well, all suede, and 34.5 was the best.
    Usually a Chanel 35, though I would need some models in 34.5 if only they had this size in Paris, Valentino 35, and Louboutin Pigalle in 35 and also 34.5 because I don't like to feel any space left lol!
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  14. omgg hello feet twin :wave:!!!! I'm soo happy your sizing references all match mine, and nope I don't like any space or gap either, I hate large shoes lol. From experience, I know they will end up stretching so for me I'd rather them be snug at first and stretch over time.

    You make me feel more confident now that 34.5 will be the right size for me - yep I said "will" because the store still can't locate availability for my size :sad: oh well, hopefully my patience will pay off one day.

    By the way, what is the patent navy colour like in real life lighting? I dont live near the store (have to order online) but they told me to look on the website for "cobalt" and it looks quite dark - which I love. NZ Dior store isn't allowed to order any patent black :sad: they told me, so patent blue is my only choice.

  15. Happy to help ;)

    Oh they're not allowed?! Well I haven't seen black patent in Paris yesterday either, I didn't ask though... They might get some later.
    Here are some pics of the navy (called Indigo I think):
    Capture d’écran 2017-08-01 à 13.10.16.png Capture d’écran 2017-08-01 à 13.10.37.png Capture d’écran 2017-08-01 à 13.10.58.png