Jadecee's Goodies

  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for coming in to take a look and letting me share with you my goodies! My collection is a humble one, but it is slowly growing as I try to cross off items on my "list". Enjoy!

    Here's a first picture of my collection - they're sleeping in their sleepers (haha):
    sleepers group.jpg

    Here's another group shot:
    Collection pics 139.jpg

    Please bear with me as I experiment with different picture sizes, etc. I'm really new at posting pics so I hope I figure this out and maybe soon I'll figure out how to host images and post the link so that you can view the pictures more seamlessly and don't have to click on the thumbnails to view the attachments!

    At first I was thinking of trying to put them in chronological order, but I really can't remember when exactly I got some of the older stuff and what came before what. So the posts will be in sort of chronological order from what I can remember, but may be all mismatched. It may take awhile for me to get everything up so please be patient with me! MANY THANKS! :flowers:

    and lastly - y'all on tPF are amazing! Love this community! :love:
  2. Bump!
  3. Very nice. I like your Gucci a lot.
  4. Thanks so much Vlad! For awhile there I was wondering if I did something wrong! YAY!! Now I can start posting!

    If everyone can be patient with me - I'll be slowly experimenting and uploading to get more single-item shots up so you can get more close ups which'll be better for purposes of being point of references.


    Oh - and if anyone does the post-link thing and using something like photobucket to host the actual pictures - if you could PM me with any advice/info on how to use or things like what size you suggest(ie. XX pixels x XX pixels) would work best on the forum since I want decently sized pics so people can see - but not those huge ones that don't even fit on the screen and you have to scroll up and down and side to side to see the picture...

    Thanks again!
  5. What a lovely collection... Im loving the Gucci a lot!
  6. Let me introduce to you my lovely Miss Sixty Luxury bag which I got in Hong Kong back around 2000/2001 (not sure anymore) when I was at the peak of my huge Miss Sixty craze.

    A cotton/canvas exterior and fabric interior with leather handles. I thought the red and the interior blue/white gives it a cute nautical feel and I still use it a lot for lunch dates, shopping, and other casual outings.

    Exterior pic, then interior pic, then a pic of it as a shoulder bag:

    Collection pics 131.jpg Collection pics 130.jpg Collection pics 134.jpg
  7. And last a picture of the Miss Sixty bag as a hand-held hanging from the crook of my arm. (Unfortunately I can only put 3 thumbnail attachments in each post so it won't fit all in one post.)

    Collection pics 135.jpg
  8. Coach goodies: bought sometime between 2001 - 2003 in Chicago, Illinois and Troy, Michigan.

    Brown/chocolate coloured Coach jacquard fabric in signature logo with leather trim, leather handle, and leather bottom.

    Red coloured Coach jacquard fabric in mini signature logo with leather bottom and wristlet strap.

    Both of these are quite practical and carry a surprising amount of things. Perfect as little extras and I was using the wristlet as a substitute wallet during this past summer.

    The brown purse can be handheld, carried over the shoulder, in the crook of the arm, or the strap can be adjusted to hook only on one corner and can be used clutch/wristlet style.

    The wristlet is great for a night on the town and is also handy for organization in a larger bag.

    Exterior and interior pics of the purse and exterior pic of the wristlet:
    Collection pics 122.jpg Collection pics 123.jpg Collection pics 128.jpg
  9. Love your brown clutch-is that snakeskin?
  10. This is the bag that started it all for me and was purchased at the beginning of 2003. Well - technically my sister's MiuMiu was what started it all for both of us.

    Brown/chocolate leather that is super supple and buttery soft. It has a zippered pouch on one side of the exterior, a zipper interior pouch, and there's two compartments on either side of the bag that are "hidden" which I loved to use as cellphone and key holders! So useful and what a great design - helped keep my cellphone and the rest of my stuff scratch free since the keys would be in a separate compartment!

    I love the interior and exterior pocket as they're quite roomy and perfect for those days when y'know as a girl you gotta be discreet about what you're carrying. :shame:

    Exterior shots of both sides of the bag and a shot of me carrying it on the shoulder which is basically the only style that looks right with this bag:

    Collection pics 088.jpg Collection pics 089.jpg Collection pics 094.jpg
  11. Thanks Marly! I'll upload pics of that next to answer your question. Thanks again for looking.
  12. Thanks for sharing with us! Nice collection!
  13. Vintage Chocolate/brown "exotic" clutch.

    Found this while "shopping" in my mom's closet and I'm unsure exactly when this clutch is from - but I would guess it's circa '70s. It looks fantastic - however, it's not made from real exotic leather.

    This clutch is great for a touch of "sophistication" and I love using it for fancier evenings out or wedding parties.

    First exterior pic shows the gorgeous colour better and second exterior pic shows the hardware better and last is an interior shot:

    Collection pics 069.jpg Collection pics 070.jpg Collection pics 072.jpg
  14. Two more shots of the clutch:

    First - carried as a clutch
    Collection pics 071.jpg

    Next - used with the chain as a shoulder purse
    Collection pics 076.jpg
  15. Thanks for the comments and looking - purselova34, LTV, edsbgrl! :flowers: