1. it came out last spring along with the chocolate cotton carly.
    nice spring color though!
  2. :yes:
  3. thats cute I like it. I wonder what they will do this year I am hoping something pink for the carly!
  4. This is a very pretty color!!
  5. that's GORGEOUS! :wtf:
    i wish i liked the carly.
    ok now, don't attack me. i like my structured bags. :p
  6. I have the cotton Legacy satchel in the jade from that collection. I get so many compliments on it.
  7. here, I pulled her out to snap a picture for you girls

  8. I'm hoping so too. I'm crossing my fingers for something magenta-like
  9. Wow, so pretty.

    I agree, hope they come out with some cute spring colors for Carly!!
  10. very cute for spring
  11. Such a pretty color!