Jade/Pool Tulita hobo and Ciggy in watersnake pics

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  1. [​IMG]

    Jade/pool is a greenish torquoise and it's a perfect color for spring/summer:heart:
  2. VERY VERY Pretty:nuts:

    Your growing collection is AMAZING:drool:
  3. Thanks Robyn! It is brand new, never used and in excellent condtion. I'm truly tickled with this one.:love:
    Now I need a black one and a blue Mahala
  4. Oh I LOVE that Ciggy!!!

  5. Love the larger bag! Love the color! You are getting to be quite the collector, girl!:choochoo::choochoo::wlae:
  6. LOVE LOVE the Ciggy. Great color and the tulita is perfect for spring.
  7. Thanks so much lovlies!!! I now have 7 bags and the ciggy.:graucho:
  8. V-o - Love the two new bags. The turq bag is so pretty and perfect for the Spring and Summer.
  9. I know, a day late and a dollar short, but that is one VERY beautiful Ciggy and I for one am oh so jealous!! :girlsigh:
  10. Beautiful spring colors...enjoy!
  11. Thanks J, Stinkerbelle and LLaneedle. It's really a gorgeous aqua color and can't wait to carry it.
  12. I like those colors. They are perfect for spring. Zebra Girl